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. W A Y T E S .

We are The Faversham Waytes.


Historically the Waytes performed in the Kent town of Faversham in the 1500’s and accounts of them are listed in the ancient Wardmote and Accounts in 1561 and 1572.  Other items spanning from 1540—1636 are listed in these books relating to the ‘Brazen Horn’ which is the Faversham Moot Horn, a bronze horn with a leather covering dating back to the early 14thC.  This horn would have come under the Waytes general civic duties and would have been blown to summon all concerned to the election of Mayors etc., at the meeting of the Cinque Ports.  This horn is, in modern times, blown by newly elected councillors.


We recreate the sight and sound of medieval Faversham and bring its ancient heritage alive.


The Faversham Waytes play the instruments that would have been heard in the 15th, 16th and 17thC.


Jerry plays Cittern

Robbie plays Medieval Long Drum

Ramsay plays Lute and sings

Paula plays all the family of Recorders, Shepherds pipes, Shawm, Bombard and Crumhorn

Merrick plays Drum and Hurdy Gurdy

Fergus plays Percussion

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